Steam Workshop DL

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When players join your server they need to download custom files from your server. There are two ways to do this, below explains both ways and what we recommend.

  • You will need to create your own workshop collection of all the addons, take note of the URL for later.
  • Login to our control panel and open up the command line manager.
  • Ether use one of our default commands or create a new command line.
  • Fill in Authkey which you can find here and also fill iN WORKSHOP ID which you can find at the end of your workshop collection URL.So for example
  • the ID would be 1422511346.
  • Ensure both boxes for Authkey and WORKSHOP ID are ticked, save, and select the command line.
  • Once done open your Configuration files and select the workshop and follow the instructions there.
  • Save and restart your server and you are done!

If you have any questions please let us know.


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